Urata & Sons Concrete LLC is a full-service union concrete contractor with nearly 50 years of experience in the Northern California and Nevada markets. Whether your project is a multi-story cast-in-place resort in the challenging alpine terrain of Lake Tahoe, or a 1 million+ square foot fast paced tilt-up in the central valley, or a multi-acre, complex architectural site work package in the Bay Area, Urata & Sons Concrete LLC has the skill, experience and track record of getting it done.

Urata & Sons Concrete LLC invests in technology and training to improve safety, increase production, and maintain the highest quality standards. We partner with subcontractors and suppliers that share our value for providing a quality product, safety for the workers, proactive planning and communication, and customer satisfaction. Urata & Sons Concrete LLC has extensive experience with pre-construction services, offering valuable input on safety, design, coordination, schedule, logistics, procurement and work installation to maximize on-site production, minimize construction costs, streamline schedule durations, and avoid costly rework while maintaining the highest quality. Using Autodesk Revit modeling software, we can build a digital 3D version of a project to review design, coordinate our work, identify design discrepancies early and reduce delays in the field. Using Bluebeam Revu, we can better communicate with our customers, team members and design team by producing a wide range of digitally edited pictures, drawings, sketches and documents with review comments, symbols, highlights and inserted pictures. Using Microsoft Project, Urata & Sons Concrete LLC can create, update and share project schedules with the team, allowing Urata & Sons Concrete LLC to be a collaborative asset to the project.

Urata & Sons Concrete LLC owns and operates four Somero laser screeds, including a 3D profile screed, a fleet of Multiquip power trowels and Husqvarna early entry saws and dust collection systems. This equipment allows Urata & Sons Concrete LLC to put down large slabs in a single pour, minimizing costs to the end user and reducing project schedule, all while maintaining high floor flatness/floor levelness tolerances. Our skilled Cement Masons and Laborers are top performers and take pride in their work.

We believe in providing the best tools available to our workers, which is why Urata & Sons Concrete LLC relies heavily on Hilti’s extensive line of rotor-hammers, HEPA vacuums and cordless tools. Hilti has a reputation as the best performing, most durable tools in the market. When production is the name of the game, contractors cannot afford to have their workers idle due to broken or underperforming tools. Urata & Sons Concrete LLC has a strong relationship with Hilti and its support team, which ensures our workers always have the tools they need to get the job done.

We employ SPECTRA Total Stations and highly trained operators to guarantee fast and accurate layout of our work in the field. Accurate layout of work is critical, and the Total Stations are a vital piece of technology that allow us to put layout in place faster and more accurately.

Urata & Sons Concrete LLC has invested in Titan Formwork Systems for our elevated cast-in-place slabs. Urata & Sons Concrete LLC has experience with multiple form work manufacturers and systems. Titan’s system offers an extremely versatile and safe design which employs lightweight aluminum beams, standardized attachment points, fast-setting, heavy duty post shores and first-class company support on both the design and supply services.

Urata & Sons Concrete LLC invests in its own team members via ongoing technical and safety training. The industry continues to advance every year. New equipment is fielded and certifications for current equipment expire. OSHA safety regulations are revised, and new State laws are enacted. As new products are developed and advancements in techniques are made, our best practices are consistently being altered. While it may be challenging to stay on top of constantly evolving developments, Urata & Sons Concrete LLC meets that challenge head-on. We don’t run away from change; we embrace it.

Thank you to each of our existing clients for our meaningful relationships, and providing the opportunity to be an asset to your project by helping you build impressive structures all over our region. If you are a new or potential customer, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your project.

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